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The Next Revolution – Loom Made Clothing

The Next Revolution – Loom Made Clothing

Evolution Is Constant And Calls For A New Beginning Every Once In A While. These Evolution Largely Influence And Change The Way People Dresses Along With The Time. Big Fashion Industry Is The Most Fragile Towards Evolution And Every Year There Begins New Evolution Cycle Producing Huge Fashion Waste.

Fleeting Styles Swiftly Become A Vogue And Dissipates As Fast As They Come, Resulting Into The Loss Of Ethics, Sustainability, Creativity And Our Own Heritage Art. Hence It’s Time For A New Revolution- An Evolution In Fashion Which Is Slow, Firm And Sustainable. We Need A Fashion That Is Classic, Can Stand The Test Of Time And A Fashion That Hardly Goes Out Of Trend.

Fashion Has Always Been Connected With Our Deeper Elements From Economy And Labor System To Culture, Religion And Class. We, At Loom Art Always Respect These Core Values And Promote A Kind Of Fashion That Is Rooted With Our Traditions. The Loom Made Fabrics Are Our Biggest Assets. Our Loom Story Is Hand Woven And Splurge You In Textures Of Handmade Fabric Made Out Of The Traditional Techniques Of India. Handloom, An Intricate Craft Product Contributes To The Biggest Cottage Industry Of The Country. You Will Hardly Find A Single Village In India That Has No Weaver. Millions Of Looms Are Occupied In Weaving Cotton, Khadi, Linen And Other Handloom Fabrics, Each Weaving Out The Traditional Beauty Of India’s Own Precious Heritage. These Loom Made Fabrics Are In Trend From History And Will Be There Always For Lifelong. Trust Us, This Is A Fashion That Never Fades.

So Whether You’re A Slave To The Ever Changing Fashion Wheel Or Proud To Flout Them, You’re About To Embark Upon A History That’s Much More Than Fugitives Vogues And High-Priced Brand Names.

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