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Birds Chirping, Leaves Sway With The Kiss Of The Wind.

A Flower Withers, Takes Home Into The Soil Beneath.

Fresh Breeze Blows Past The Sapling And With Time,

A New Life Takes Birth, Yet Again.

The Loom Art Stands For Our Love For Hand Loom And Core Admiration Towards Art. The Label Focuses On Reviving The Old And Dying Authentic Craft, Embroidery And Weaving Techniques In This Fast Fashion Dominated World.

The Loom Art Is A Fond Effort To Give Platform To These Artisans ; Weavers, Embroiderers, Sample Person, Craftsmen To Come Together And Co Create. It’s A Collective Narrative Of Emotions Of All The Creative Souls Involved In This Process.

How With A Spin Of Charkha And A Stroke Of A Needle, An Emotion Is Born.

It’s This Love And Hard Work Of Our Creative Souls That We Want To Sustain For A Lifetime.

This To Us Is Sustainability, To Sustain Livelihoods Of Talents. Sustainability Is A Way Of Life, Fair Trade, Hand Loom Fabrics, Hand Embroideries And Mostly Happy Employment.



Meet The Creative Force Behind THE LOOM ART:  Aarushi Kilawat

about the designer

A vivid solo traveller, an artist at heart, a nature lover and a social activist. The Loom Art derives it’s name from the designer’s love towards handloom and her core admiration towards art.

Aarushi Kilawat, is a Fashion Design graduate from Pearl Academy, & holds a specialisation in Print Textiles & Fashion Styling from Nottingham Trent University,UK.

Her label focuses on reviving old authentic craft techniques, and generating a platform of employment for locals & bringing handloom back in vogue.

She believes how a machine made clothing can never replace the love and hardwork that is reflected in a hand made piece.

It's this love that she wants to magnify and sustain.

Design For A Cause

Let's create a society where we leave a smile on each face we encounter
- Board of Director at Naya Sawera Ngo for HIV+ & Especially Abled Kids
until December 2016

Creating Braille Tags ia an initiative towards improving the shopping
experience for visually impaired
-Creator of Braille Tags for Garments in year 2013, she has also
incorporated these tags in a special edition in her clothing line.

The Storybook Project using Sight Word Reading Technique, for Specially Abled Kids
- Creator of The Story Book in year 2015

Brand Philosophy

Born out of looms, The Loom Art wants you to invest in our story
which lives a lifetime through our statement hand embroidery on
an organic bed of hand spun textiles to magnify our thoughtful
effort towards sustainability.

The brand dwells upon handwoven fabrics made in quaint villages
of India.

The Loom Art believes in reviving the dying craft culture and
heritage of artisans by giving them employment and promoting
the craft to sustain it for a lifetime.

Recreation of ancient hand embroideries like Kantha, Phulkari,
Cross Stitch and further more to remind you of the simpler times
when clothes were woven & knitted by the hands of your grand

The Loom Art is our medium to channelize these techniques with
our thoughtfully designed motifs in order to keep the ancestry of
story telling alive.

The Loom Art Is A Fond Effort To Give A Platform To The Artisans And Creative Souls To Co-Create. This To Us Is Sustainability To Sustain Livelihoods Of Talents. Sustainability Is A Way Of Life, Fair Trade, Hand Loom Fabrics, Hand Embroidery, And Mostly Happy Employment.

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