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Hand Embroidery – The Dying Craft

Hand Embroidery – The Dying Craft

Every Fabric Is A Canvas, Paint It With Your Art, Dwell Into Your Memories And Express Them On This Blank Tarp. Hand Embroidery Is One Kind Of Art Which Was In Existence For Centuries And Still A Part Of Life. For Us, Embroidery Is A Kind Of Meditation. With It’s Rhythm, Our Mind Wander And Create Twirling Tales.

Back In The Time The Art Was Influenced By Highly Conceptual, Ironic And Oversized Work But Contemporary Artwork Is Pushing Boundaries And Today It Is Much More Than Executing Uniform Stitches. We Made Art Our Career Option And Started Drawing With A Needle And Thread To Explore And Create Our Own Narratives. We Let Each Piece Of Our Hand Embroidered Craft To Unfold In Its Own Way And Never Go After A Fixed Idea. Though The Art Of Hand Embroidery Is Extremely Slow , No Need To Mention The Time In Furnishing The Shape And Tone, The Results Produced Are Magical. It Requires A Focused Mind Full Of Dedication And Patience To Fully Engage With This Kind Of Work.

We Choose Hand Embroidery As Our Technique And Used Traditional Methods And Stitches To Create Contemporary Design Pieces. The Inspiration Behind Our Love For Embroidery Was The Tiny Little Crafts In Threads Imposing Elusive Yet Persistent Inner Voices. Time Always Keep Rewinding In Our Mind And Paused Us To The Simpler Times When Clothes Were Contrived At Homes By The Hands Of Our Mothers. Kantha, A Way To Refine Our Discarded Garments And Appliqué, A Layering Craft On The Top Has So Much Within That We Always Love To Experiment Our Ideas With This Old Aged Craft. Our Sole Aim Is To Keep That Old Authenticity Alive And To Gift World A Kind Of Fashion That Is Conventional And Has The Aura Of Our Heritage.

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