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Tumhari Pyaari Nani

Tumhari Pyaari Nani

Meri Chuthki

In This Age Of Gadgets, I Would Still Choose To Bless You With My Memories, Hand Written On Paper, Which, I Hope, You Choose Not To Delete.

You Were Always Fond Of Dresses! Weren’t You? So Was Your Mother. This One Khadi Dress, Which I Passed On To Her, Was A Favorite. I Am Informed That It Now Proudly Sits In Your Wardrobe.

As I See You Grow Up Into A Lady And Ready To Face The Real World, I Wish To Bless You With Something That Has Been Close To My Heart.

The Spirit Of Khadi… For It’s Just Not A Cloth You Put On, It’s A Memory You Live With.

When You Were Little, You Would Throw Tantrums For Getting That One Dress You Loved. Though It Was Difficult, But We Would Make You Wait. You Know Why? Best Things Come, Only If You Choose To Be Patient. Now That You Have My Khadi With You, You’ll Understand How All Good Things Take Time. How Beautiful Things Happen To Only Those Who Wait. So, Here’s My Khadi For You.

Textbooks Might Tell You How And Why Gandhi Ji Spun The Charkha. This Is What Led To A Spark Of Independence, They Say.  But I Want To Tell You Something More. I Still Remember The Day, When I First Laid My Hands Over Charkha And Started To Spin My First Piece Of Cloth. I Can’t Tell You How Happy I Was. I Had Actually Spun And Hand-Stitched My Dress! Isn’t It Wonderful? It Was Just Like Receiving Your First Salary. The Memory Is Irreplaceable. Indeed, Independence It Was.

And Finally, This World Will Pull You Down With Lot Of Challenges And Many A Times, We Will Not Be There With You. But I Know, You Will Not Back Down, For You Are Woven With Years Of Perseverance And Our Mutual Love Which Will Remind You Of Your Goals. I Know, You Will Sustain, Just Like The Spirit Of Khadi. For It’s Just Not A Cloth You Put On, It’s A Memory You Live With.   

Fly My Little Bird, With Your Wings Wide Open.

Tumhari Pyaari Nani.

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