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Meet : Vasudha Sharma

By July 6, 2018news

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Would you like to know the formula for success? It's quite simple, really: Double your rate of

failure, work harder and be patient.
It’s hard to find a successful person with a easy past.

You won’t get a satisfactory and beautiful result without hard work, failure and patience.
We believe one should try to be a man of success, but before that one should become man of value.

The Loom Art takes time to hand-loom every single garment. Our products are made out of love and
care for art. We understand the value of hard work and patience, 20 years old Vasudha is not very
different form us. She is a Talented, young and college dropout artist. She shares the same love and

dedication for art as The Loom Art.

In year 2017 Vasudha decided to have her first solo exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra. At such a
young age Vasudha owns her own gallery and art academy ‘ Mandala art gallery studio academy’.

So Vasudha, Tell us something about your gallery.

My gallery is a place where can be all kind of things related to art. It is a place where I or any artist
can display their work. Every artist is welcome here. Also this is an academy where i teach kids.

How did you get into art?

Art is like breathing for me. As a kid after doing my homework, instead of watching TV or playing, i

use to pickup brushes and paint. Art is my passion.

What are your views on up-cycling?

I think up-cycling is really important and essential for today’s time. We should reuse more for the
betterment of the earth. We already have so much on the earth, we don’t need more. I support
ideas like what The Loom Art is doing and it is very inspiring. Up-cycling should be more known by

the people and should be promoted more.

What is your personal style?

For me personal style is anything in which you are comfortable and I love black,I need to wear

something black every day.

I really like the kind of clothes The Loom Art make, they are really comfortable and trendy.

If you can be a colour, which colour would it be and why?

I went to a show of Gulzar Sahab and he said “jab tak main ek rang ko puri tarah se jee nahi sakta

main dusre rang pe bhard nai sakta.”
So the colour i am living right now is white.


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